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by oldskool on Mar.26, 2009, under non Istanbul hamams

Dort Yol Otel Hamam, 1715 Sokak near Dort Yol, Batman.  Hours: see below.  10 YTL, didn’t try the keseci.

To be fair, this is not Batman’s only Hamam.  It may be Batman’s only hamam which cleverly blends the Turkish spa experience with a roadside motel aesthetic.  Even down to the intermittent hot water! In other words, it’s an amazing miscegenated facility of blue tile and combi-units which may get you hot and will leave you curious.  Not that I would recommend going except for the cult value.

Just to be clear, this is a short post because 1) it’s unlikely you’ll be ever be in Batman in the first place.  And 2) even if you are, you shouldn’t go to this hamam ever.  You should buy four portions of Batman’s delicious borek instead.  The pasthanes next to the hamam are AMAZING.

The story:  I inquire at the Dort Yol hotel’s desk, and even that slight hesitation, a raised eyebrow at another dumb yabanci, could have tipped me off.  It was already 9:30 pm.  The receptionist led me outside, around a corner, and down the side street to the basement entrance.  Low ceilings and rubber slippers greeted me, as did a thoroughly disinterested looking Kurdish dude who went for the towels, silently.  I dress in the adjoining divan/locker room under bright CF lighting.  Then into the hamam’s main chamber.  A stunningly bland, blue-tiled bathroom of a thing with a ledge around the outside, detached stone basins that slide, and a drain trench making the rounds.  It’s pretty cold.  The sauna’s not that hot either.  I wash, scrub, get cold in the sauna, say hello to the two guys in gym shorts scrubbing each other down, and get out.   Sure, I was relatively clean, and watched Saban movies in the divan room with the three guys afterwards.  But this hamam experienced was only salvaged as a foil to the superlative options in Istanbul and Kilise, and I wouldn’t recommend for the unitiated.

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