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A List of Istanbul Hamams

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G=groups possible

*not all information might be correct!


Sultanahmet, Eminönü, and around

1. Çemberlitaş (Çemberlitaş, Vezirhan Cadd. 8 ) M W

2. Cağaloğlu (Cağaloğlu, Prof. Kazim Ismail Gurkan Cadd. 34) M W

3. Park Hamam (Sultanahmet, Divanyolu Cad. 10 Dr. Emin Paşa Sok.))

4. Köşk (Cağaloğlu, Alayköşkü Cad. 17) M G

5. Örücler (Beyazit, Kapalıçarşı Örüculer Kapısı Sok. 32) M

6. Süleymaniye (Beyazit, Mimar Sinan Cad. 20) M G

7. Şifa (Sultanahmet, Şifa Hamamı Sok. 26) M

8. Çardaklı (Kadirga)

9. Kadirga (Kumkapı, Liman Cad. 127) M W

10. Gedikpaşa (Gedikpaşa, Hamam Cadd. 65-7) M W

11. Vezneciler (Vezneciler, Bozdoğan Kemeri Cad. 2) M

12. Havuzlu (Nişanca, Derinkuyu Sok. 16) M

13. Nişancı Paşa (Kumkapı, Türkeli Cad. 45) M W

14. Merkez Efendi (Zetinburnu, Merkez Efendi Mah. Merkez Efendi Cad. 5) M

15. Küçükpazar (Küçükpazar, Hacı Kadın Cad. 134) M

Fatih, Balat, and around

1. Sofular (Aksaray, Sofular Cad. 66) M W

2. Horhor (Aksaray, Hamam Sok. 8 ) M

3. Mihrimah Sultan (Edirnekapı, Fevzi Paşa Cad. Eroğlu Sok.)

4. Paşa (Edirnekapı, Avcıbey Mah. Paşa Hamamı Sok. 9) M

5. Çavusbaşı (Balat, Çavuş Hamam Sok. 11)) M W

6. Arabacılar (Balat, Yatağan Hamam Sok. 1) M W

7. Tahta Minare (Balat, Vodina Cad. 95) M W

8. Haseki Bostan (Haseki, Hekimoğlu Ali Paşa Cad. 30) M W

9. Küçük (Şehremini, Altımermer Cad. 1) M W

10. Hacı Kadın (Kocamustafapaşa, Abdi Çelebi Mah. Hacı Kadın Cad. 85) M W

11. Kocamustafapaşa (Kocamustafapaşa, Kocamustafapaşa Cad. 441) M W

12. Davutpaşa Iskelesi (Samatya, Samatya Cad. 21) M W

13. Hacı Evhadüddin (Yedikule, Hacı Evhadüddin Cad. 67) M

14. Mehmet Ağa (Çarşamba, Beyzeyiz Mah. 46) M W

Atatürk Airport and around

1. Polat Renaissance Hotel (Atatürk Airport, Sahil Yolu Cad. 2)


Beyoğlu/Taksim and around

1. Galatasaray (Galatasaray/Beyoğlu, Istiklal Cad. Turnacıbaşı Sok. 24) M W G, also here.

2. Çukurcuma Süreyya (Çukurcuma/Tophane-Beyoğlu, Çukurcuma Cad. 57)) M

3. Firuz Ağa (Beyoğlu, Çukurcuma Cad. 6)) M W; also here.

4. Ağa (Çukurcuma/Beyoğlu, Turnacıbaşı Sok. 60/66)) M W; also here and here

5.?  Kiliç Ali Paşa (Tophane, Karaköy, Kemankeş Mah. Hamam Sok. No:1 34425 ) M

6. Büyük Hamam (Kasımpaşa/Beyoğlu, Potinciler Sok. 22) M W; also here.

7. Hürriyet (Dolapdere/Beyoğlu, Gölbaşı Sok. 80) M

8. Marmara Hotel

9. Cesme (Karaköy, Voyvoda Cad., Yeni Cesme Sok. 9))

10. Cihangir (Çukurcuma, Siraselviler Cad. Altıpatlar Sok. 14)) M

11. Aquarius Sauna (Taksim, Istiklal Cad. Sadri Alışık Sok.))

12. Nur Hamam (Beyoğlu, Istiklal Cad. Hamalbaşı Cad. No. 14) and here and here.

13. Şıfa Hamamı / Yeşildirek Hamamı / Hammam Azapkapi Sokullu (Azapkapı, Tersane Caddesi, Yolcuzade Sok 74)

Bosphorus Villages and around

1. Swissotel the Bosphorus, Amrita Spa & Wellness (Maçka-Beşiktaş, Bayıldım Cad. No. 2)

2. Istinye Park, Sanda Day  Spa (Istinye, Istinye Bayiri Caddesi)

3. İstinye (Istinye-Sarıyer, Değirmen Sok. 35) M

4. Yeşildirekli (Azapkapı, Tersane Cad. 74))

5. Beşiktaş (Beşiktaş, Ihlamurdere Cad. Şair Veysi Sok. 12) M W

6. Sarıyer (Sarıyer, Yenimahalle Cad. 65) M W


Üsküdar, Kadiköy, and around

1. Ağa (Üsküdar, Gündoğumu Cad. 65) M W

2. Çinili (Üsküdar, Çavuşdere Cad. 204) and here M W

3. Valide Atik (Üsküdar, Eski Toptaşı Cad. 104) M W, here, here, here, and here!

4. Şifa/Eski/Mehmet Paşa (Üsküdar, Doğancilar Cad. 54 Dari Sok) M W

5. Bulgurlu (Üsküdar, Bulgurlu Cad. 47) M W

6. Azizye (Kadiköy, Rıhtım Cad. Recaizade Sok. 19) M W

7. Çarşı (Kadiköy, Söğötlüçeşme Cad. 34) M

8. Beykoz (Beykoz, Fevzipaşa Cad. 14) M W

9. Beylerbeyi (Beylerbeyi/Üsküdar, Yalıboyu Cad. 70) M W

10. Yalı (Maltepe, Yalı Mah. Hamam Sok. 4) M W

11. Şifa (Kartal, Hürriyet Cad. 3/A) M

12. Yakacık (Yakacık/Kartal, Çarşı Mah. Vezirçeşme Sok. 4) M

4 comments for this entry:
  1. S.H.

    After 45 minutes of research, I am still very confused about which hammams are where. Readings from other websites and blog posts suggest that there are 4 different names that all refer to the same hammam: Çinili Hamam, Eski Hamam, Şifa Hamam and Mehmet Paşa Hamam. Your listing suggests that Çinili Hamam is a separate instutition from Eski Hamam, but that Eski Hamam does indeed go by the names of Şifa and Mehmet Paşa as well. Can you please email me with information about these? Are they one, or two, or more different hammams?

    More generally, which hammam in Istanbul is both easily accessible from Altunizade and on the cheaper side?

    Cok tesekkur ederim!


  2. S.H.

    …And in another perusal, it does seem that Eski/Şifa Hamam is nonetheless a separate instutition from just Şifa Hamam in Kartal. Is this correct?

  3. admin

    I believe Eski/Şifa Hamam or Mehmet Paşa Hamam are one hamam with 3 names that are different than Çinili although both in Üsküdar. I haven’t been to Eski Hamam so I can’t say for sure but they have completely different addresses, so I am thinking different places for sure. If you go to Eski Hamam, why don’t you report back on what you have found and you can write up a review of your experience there, a la the tenor of this site. We’d love to read and possibly post it. Also I’ve never heard of these names used for Çinili. As for Şifa Hamam, yes there are two others (at least). One in Kartal, as you noted and one in Sultanahmet. It is a common name with hamams I imagine, meaning, appropriately, ‘healing.’

  4. Catarina

    Hi, I am a portuguese photographer, and I am preparing a project on the architecture and objects os Istambul Hamams. The project will be part of an exhibition that is travelling across Europe. For that I am trying to get in contact with the Hamams do get permissions to photograph, after or before opening hours, therefore without the clients.
    The thing is I am interested in the non so turistic hamams, and most f them don’t even have a email address. Still I wrote, in English, to the ones that do have emails, but got no answers.
    Do you know if there is an association of Hamams (or maybe even the City Hall ) that I can write to, to maybe help me with the permissions? Any tips are welcome. Thank you in advance

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